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Top six hotel search engines

With the hike in online hotel search business, finding and bagging the best hotel deals has become easy and quick. You need to enter the destination at such a hotel search website and you'll be catered with an extensive list of all the relevant hotel deals available at the location. Following are some of the best hotel search engines:TrivagoOwned by Expedia, Trivago offers free as well as fee-based versions of hotel searching. Trivago provides an exhaustive list of 1mn hotels and 250 booking sites from around the world. Every hotel registered at Trivago is accompanied with reviews, rating, information, locality, etc. to allow customers to make the best hotel selection possible. Since 2008, the hotel finding service has witnessed double-fold profitability each year. Customers might soon find the convenience of booking Trivago flights via the online portal for hotel search.Booking.comThe popularity of can be sized up with its Alexa ranking of 85 during February 2017. Available in over 40 different languages, the hotel search website provides over 1.2mn hotels and other properties across the planet. The hotel finding service is also available on Android and iOS devices as Read More

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5 reasons to book your next hotel through HotelGuides

If you finally decided to embark on the weekend getaway you have been planning since forever, youll definitely want everything to be in order. To ensure that you dont experience hassles when you reach your destination, it is advisable to make hotel reservations beforehand. Gone are the days when getting hotel reservations was a daunting task; you would have to reach your destination, find a nice hotel, select a room, and pay at the front desk. However, these days, as everything has been transferred to the online realm, making hotel reservations has become extremely easy.All you have to do is look for an online travel agency, browse through the different hotels, and choose the one that you find practical and within your budget. One such online travel agency that has made more than 5,000,000 reservations till date is HotelGuides™.If you are still unsure about making reservations via a travel agency, here are some reasons why you should book your next hotel through HotelGuides™.No feesOne of the major inhibitions that people harbor is the authenticity of the travel website. Moreover, if you pay for making the reservation, and it doesnt come through, you will have a tough time findRead More

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5 tips to choose the best hotel online

Today, booking a hotel for your vacation has become so much easy. With just a few clicks, you can get your choice hotel with the best of views.This might sound easy, but it can get quite overwhelming. There are so many websites and apps that promise you to give the best hotel deals on bookings that you end up getting confused.So, how do you go about with this? It is simple. There are few hacks and tricks that you need to master and use while you book your hotels online.Read further to know about five tips on how to select the best hotels online.Know what you wantIf you aimlessly search for the best hotels for your next vacation, you will end up spending a good hour or two on the internet and still find yourself back to square one. So, the first thing you should do is make a list of things you are looking for in the hotel. This list could include things like whether you would prefer a hotel with a romantic atmosphere or one that has a rustic vibe or whether you want a beach view or a mountain view. Also, make a note of amenities you would want in the package like free breakfast, complimentary activities, and free Wi-Fi. Further, decide on whether you want to stay in one of the top mRead More

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Heres how you can benefit from HotelGuides cash rewards program

There is no dearth of travel sites on the Internet which will let you books hotels at your preferred holiday destination. These travel websites require you to make bookings in hotels according to your budget and other preferences. However, most of these popular travel sites require you to pay fees for making hotel reservations and even charge a cancellation fee if you decide to cancel your trip at the last moment.Though these travel sites reduce the burden of making reservations by eliminating all the intermediate factors, youll have to make payments for booking and canceling. Moreover, not all the transactions on such websites are transparent; you might be charged additional fees or have to pay more for a hotel room that is available at a lesser cost on some other travel site. Since most sites require you to shell out money, a travel website that has credible cash rewards programs and amazing discounts is a welcoming change.HotelGuides™ has an incredible cash rewards program, which will enable you to earn money on booking hotels! Read on to know more about the same.Cash rewards programHotelGuides™ has made over 5,000,000 bookings till date, and the users have received money inRead More

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5 popular low-cost apartment hotels

Low-cost extended-stay or apartment hotels are an ideal option if you are short on finances or your housing applications lack some essential criterion. You can get their rooms on rent until you arrange for a permanent accommodation. Apart from affordable rooms on rent, apartment hotels require no credit check, leasing contract, and utility bills. Moreover, you can get access to some useful amenities without exceeding your budget constraints. If you are on a quest for a weekly or apartment hotel that offers inexpensive rental deals, then check out the following options. Budget SuitesFounded in 1987, Budget Suites functions in the states of Arizona, Nevada, and Texas. They have fully furnished apartments, which include amenities such as free premium cable television, free local calls, and voicemail, laundry services, a full-size kitchen with appliances, parking, spas, and pools. The room's rent will be based on the kind of room and facilities you choose. Crossland Economy StudiosScattered over 60 locations, Crossland Economy Studio offers spacious rooms and facilities like internet connection, on-site laundry services, and kitchenettes with essential appliances. Moreover, they also hRead More