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Best Sites to Find Free Restaurant Coupons

Once in a while, we all hunt for free coupons, and one category that tops our list are those free restaurant coupons that either get you great discounts on your food bill or sometimes gives you your favorite dish for free. There are a variety of ways to get coupons, but these methods require a lot of work. One easy way to get free restaurant coupons is through online websites and apps where we only have to click, download or scan and use them. Here is a comprehensive list of six coupon websites that can help you find your free restaurant or any other kind of coupons without any hassles: The Krazy Koupon Lady: This is an active website that keeps adding coupons for anything and everything on a regular basis. The list of coupons on The Krazy Koupon Lady are well-detailed, and their site is easy to navigate. Thus, you are sure to find what you want, or maybe even more. Passion for Savings: This website is all about making your life easy with a wide range of coupons. Imagine all the free restaurant coupons that you never thought you would get, but there's a high chance that you will find them on this site. She Saved: This is a perfect site for all types of coupon deals including someRead More

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Factors to consider when picking the right restaurant shoes

Restaurant workers face their own distinct set of difficulties and problems and having the right pair of work shoes that assures safety is crucial because the job gets even more challenging at that juncture. Here are two distinct factors that a restaurant shoe should always be looked at before picking them:Slip resistanceOne of the most common issues with restaurant floors is thatyou are always at the risk of slipping and falling at any point due to a newlymopped floor, or naturally slippery floor due to refrigerator leakage. Whileworking in a restaurant if you do not wear slip-resistant shoes, thechances of you having a slip and fall accident increase. Whenshopping for restaurant shoes, its essential to remember that all slip-resistant shoes are different. When you pick a restaurant shoe to ensure that youpick one only if it meets at least a .40 COF on the Brungrabber Mark II test,failing which the anti-slip property may be lacking or ineffective.ComfortOne other factor to consider when picking your restaurant shoes is the comfort. At the end of a bustling day at the restaurant, you can feel miserable due to the pain in your feet. When you are prone to be on your feet for more thRead More

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10 restaurant equipment that your professional kitchen needs

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant and the three most important aspects of food-based restaurant activity happen in this space: preparation/cooking plating moving to the service areaRestaurant-kitchen designs are completely focused on functionality. Decorative elements, trendy materials or personalized touches are not needed here.These items of restaurant equipment are essential for the smooth functioning of your kitchen:Counters/work-tops: These form the work-area and they must be sturdy, durable and low-maintenance. Steel is the preferred material in most restaurant kitchens, because it is rust/stain-resistant, easy to clean, and takes heavy loads/impact.Refrigerators/freezers: These include walk-in/reach-in coolers, restaurant-freezers, commercial refrigerators for food-preservation/freshness, preparing cold items like salads, desserts and storing daily-use basics.Automatic slicers/slicer machinery: These are used for cutting meat/vegetables. They provide easy, quick, efficient, consistent cutting.Ovens/ranges/cookers: Commercial ovens using gas/electricity, microwave-ovens, wood-burning stoves for specialist cuisines, fryers and warmers are other important equipment Read More

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10 best Michelin star restaurants in the country

Michelin stars are what every gourmet chef worth his salt desires for. They are the Oscars of the restaurant world. The first Michelin Red Guide was released in 1900 and for a long time, all the Michelin star restaurants were found in France and some cities of Europe. Since then, it has surfed across the Atlantic to review the fine dining options in the country. Michelin stars are ranked as three stars for excellent cuisine, two stars for great cuisine, and one star is for a good restaurant. Here is a list of the best Michelin star restaurants in the country.Chefs Table at Brooklyn FareLocated in the annex of an upmarket grocery store, it is an unlikely housing for one of the best Michelin restaurants. It takes weeks to book a place in advance at this restaurant and to savor the cooking of over 20 plus course-tasting menu. Eleven Madison ParkAn iconic setting, outstanding hospitality, and exquisite food to match make Eleven Madison Park a celebrated restaurant in New York. Jean GeorgesThis is a culinary history in motion when the exquisite dishes are crafted with a blend of the finest ingredients in this Michelin star restaurant in New York. Le BernardinAn ultimate destination in NRead More

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Points to consider before buying Restaurant Dining Furniture

You cannot deny the importance and value of dining chairs in a restaurant. In addition to being comfortable, the dining chairs should be in contrast with the dining furniture of the restaurant. People visit a restaurant to relax and enjoy their meal. So, why not make it worth it for them?Here are a few tips that could prove to be useful while picking out dining chairs for a new café or when redesigning the existing furnishings of an existing establishment.Total space inside the restaurantSeating, especially in an eatery, has to be such that it allows enough space for the customers and servers to move easily. Do not go for dining chairs that occupy too much floor space if the café is moderately sized. Compact booths would be perfect in this case. You would not want the place to look congested and cramped.The Budget FactorDeciding on the expenses to set up the restaurant, you might not be looking to spend or might not have too much left to spend on grand looking chairs as another factor would have incurred. You would, therefore, need to look for options which are not only pocket-friendly but would also ensure durability, visual appeal, comfort, and functionality.Commercial FurniturRead More