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Restaurant recipes that you can prepare at home

While on Television, you might have often drooled on food channels airing various restaurants across the United States showing their best-selling and irresistible delicacies, which would make you go bonkers and urge you to try them then and there. But you can't since you live far off from the place. No need to put a lid on your cravings anymore, you can try preparing many of those delicacies in your own kitchen.To prepare a vegetable salad  with Italian dressing, you will need, half cup Italian salad dressing, three tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese, one tablespoons sugar or equivalent substitute, one raw egg or egg beaters equivalent or two tablespoons mayonnaise and one fourth cup olive oil.Combine the above-mentioned ingredients (sans olive oil) and place it on the top of a double boiler over simmering water. Add the dressing mixture and olive oil and whisk continuously until the mixture is thick and heated through. Remove it in a container and chill for several hours before using. Cut the vegetables of your choice and mix them well with this dressing with an additional dash of olive oil. Relish it with a side of baguette.We have always wanted to make burgers the way they prepRead More

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5 splendid restaurants for a self-indulgent you!

People have the tendency to celebrate every occasion of their lives and food becomes an indispensable part of such a celebration. Be it your anniversary or your parents' anniversary, or when you're planning on proposing marriage to your girlfriend, you envision a fine dining restaurant and plan things meticulously. If you wish to experience the best of everything, then think of the best food you can lay your hands on.To uncomplicate this task for you, here's a list of some of the most expensive restaurants in the world, that would allow you to pamper yourself! SubliMotion, Spain- This is one of the most expensive restaurants in the world and is located in Ibiza! SubliMotion is a restaurant that guarantees you the finest dining experience since you would be shelling out a whopping 2,000$ per person. Their cuisine is known to be œgastro-sensory and their sole purpose is to elicit various emotional experience through their food Kitcho, Japan - Located in Kyoto, Japan, Kitcho is a traditional kaiseki restaurant that treats its customer to its other-worldly dining ambiance. It is the perfect melange of tradition and the modern tastes and the award-winning chef, Kunio Tokuoka is the souRead More

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How to save money on your next restaurant meal

You are hard on funds. You have to go out on a date. Or perhaps your friends are planning a night out to the trendiest new restaurant in the town. You go out hoping for the best. But as luck would have been, you get the bill and you are on the verge of an embarrassing situation. You take out your credit card and hope that it does not get rejected. You heave a sign of relief (or dread at the reducing account balance) after you hear the ping of a successful transaction.Such situations might not happen often. However, instances like the one above are highly likely if you are someone who has to watch where their money goes and when. For instance, your pay day is far away or you are student who pocket money has dwindled to naught. Fret not. There is a way to save face and save money the next time you go out to eat. These days you will find a lot of websites and apps that give out discounts through restaurant coupons. You can avail these coupons for free and get discounts on menu prices on your next restaurant meal.In addition to getting restaurant coupons from apps and websites, you can also get discounts for restaurant meals when you subscribe to certain online magazines and newspapersRead More

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5 popular POS restaurant systems of 2020

Besides accepting payments, a restaurant POS system can do a lot more like monitor inventory, manage invoices and menu, evaluate customer and sales information, text and email receipts, handle employees, and more. So, if you are planning to set up or expand your restaurant, dont forget to invest a reliable POS system for streamlining daily operations. Not sure how to get started? Dont fret. Weve listed down the 5 most popular restaurant POS systems for you to check out.Best for quick-service businesses - Square POSBoasting dedicated solutions for bakeries, food trucks, counter-service, bar and lounges, cafes, and table service, Square POS is a popular choice for quick-service restaurants. Their POS system is easy to use, feature-rich and has a great support department. In the basic plan, youll find features such as menu, layout and inventory management. Plus, Square offers a free trial and 24/7 customer assistance.Best for franchises - RevelThis iPad POS system is a great pick for big restaurants such as catering services and franchises. The software is highly customizable and comes with several hardware options and add-on applications. Some of their key features comprise table layRead More

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10 restaurant equipment that your professional kitchen needs

The kitchen is the heart of your restaurant and the three most important aspects of food-based restaurant activity happen in this space: preparation/cooking plating moving to the service areaRestaurant-kitchen designs are completely focused on functionality. Decorative elements, trendy materials or personalized touches are not needed here.These items of restaurant equipment are essential for the smooth functioning of your kitchen:Counters/work-tops: These form the work-area and they must be sturdy, durable and low-maintenance. Steel is the preferred material in most restaurant kitchens, because it is rust/stain-resistant, easy to clean, and takes heavy loads/impact.Refrigerators/freezers: These include walk-in/reach-in coolers, restaurant-freezers, commercial refrigerators for food-preservation/freshness, preparing cold items like salads, desserts and storing daily-use basics.Automatic slicers/slicer machinery: These are used for cutting meat/vegetables. They provide easy, quick, efficient, consistent cutting.Ovens/ranges/cookers: Commercial ovens using gas/electricity, microwave-ovens, wood-burning stoves for specialist cuisines, fryers and warmers are other important equipment Read More