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Best travel tips and advice for the international traveler

Whether you love to backpack and see the entire world, or you take one international vacation with the entire family at least once a year, you are bound to encounter many challenges and scenarios that are a part and parcel of international travel. So here are some of the best tips and advice from the experts on how to do it right so that you can concentrate on the experiences rather than the administrative side of international travel.Effective planning: We cannot stress on this part enough. When we say planning, we do not merely mean that you need to check your passport and get the visa and tickets right. While most people will look for the best airline fares and good deals for accommodation and related things, there are very few people who understand the new country a little before getting there. Doing a little research well in advance can actually help you in avoiding some rude shocks later on. You can take to the forums and chat boards of various countries, travel websites and backpacker forums so that you can find out more about the stay, the people, the local culture and the things to do while you are on the go.Foreign exchange: One very crucial thing that will fuel your traRead More

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4 Travel Brands That Provide Durable Travel Accessories

Traveling to a new city or country is so exciting, but packing for the same just creates tension. To add to the fun, you should have adequate luggage that is light in weight and is quite spacious too. It is easier and convenient to carry a light luggage which has all your important things in place. Before you buy a product from the travel brand, make sure you keep a note of the size, pattern, color, and weight of the travel bag or accessory. There are different luggage brands that provide you with a wide range of travel accessories. Lightweight luggage and travel accessories will help you travel conveniently. Traveling will much fun if you have the right travel accessory with you.There are a lot of good looking luggage brands that make travel convenient. Here are some of the best travel accessory brand options that you can choose from.Briggs and Riley TravelwareThis company is very new in the sector of luggage and travel gears but its a tough competition to the competitors. The travel accessories like luggage bags and gears by Briggs and Riley Travelware is preferred for their design and style. They provide a lifetime warranty and come with no long terms and conditions, making it Read More

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Learn how to travel on a budget

Travel has never been cheaper. Competition between airlines is fierce and the cost of tickets has dropped drastically in recent years. Yet, there are ways to find even cheaper airfare. If you are planning a trip and want to save big on tickets, check out the tips given below.Book last minuteIt may seem like the worst thing to do, and granted there are risks, but booking last minute can often yield huge savings. Airlines cut prices drastically when they cannot fill up seats. The best way to stay updated is to subscribe to mailers. You will be among the first to be informed if last-minute offers like airline tickets from $49 or even less are on. Keep a bag packed and ready in case you have to leave the next day or the day after that.Be flexibleIf you are dead set on traveling to a particular destination or traveling at a particular time, you won't really be able to save much. You need to be flexible on both fronts. A good way to do this is to have several locales in mind and forget about flight timings. The goal is to get to your destination and it should not matter whether you need to travel at 5 am or 12 am.Try to avoid weekend tripsIt makes sense to travel on the weekends, if you Read More

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Foreign exchange for better travel

When we travel, there are a number of things that we need to take care of. The air or rail tickets, accommodation in the new destination, conveyance, sightseeing and even the kind of entertainment that we will avail is usually well chalked-out before we travel. The one thing that ties all of this together and actually makes it all possible is money. Going out of the country and spending in a place where the dollar does not have the same value can be quite a challenging task indeed. Also, finding out the best way to exchange your money and making good use of the same on foreign shores can be quite overwhelming, especially for the new and uninitiated traveler. So here is a quick list of tips that will help you manage your foreign exchange woes.Know the destination: For your foreign exchange to work well when you travel, you will have to start by getting to know a little more about your destination. There are many countries in the world where plastic is not as widely used as it is in the US. This puts you in a spot because your transaction charge, free credit and debit cards may become redundant in many cases when you are traveling to such countries. So, you would do well to find out Read More

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Tips for traveling with a disability

It is a good idea to learn as much as you can about travel when you have a disability, have special needs or use an electric wheelchair. Being more informed can help lessen your anxiety about the same. The following tips can help you travel with a disability in a better and easier way:Plan the trip: Considering the kind of disability you might have, it is better for you to plan your travel well in advance and be fully prepared. Whether or not you will need a wheelchair or certain medications are very important things for you to plan for.Book through an agency: If you already have someone who can plan a smart trip for you keeping your disabilities in mind then, nothing like it. However, in case you do not, it is better for you to book your trip through an agency that specializes in assisting people with disabilities. These agencies provide you with all the help you need during your travel whether it is transport, your wheelchair or your medications, and sometimes even a nurse.Have a travel agent in your contacts: In case your pre-planned trip does not go the way you chalked it out, you should keep a travel agents number in your contact list so that if you are in trouble, they can seRead More