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The diagnosis and medication for uric acid

Uric acid occurs naturally in the body as a result of a natural breakdown. When the kidneys process purine, a natural element found in foods, uric acid is produced. The acid is filtered out by the kidneys and is passed flushed out of the body through urine. A small portion may also be passed out during the bowel movement. However, when uric acid is produced in excess or cannot be normally flushed out with the blood, the levels increase and it poses a problem.When uric acid levels increase in the blood, solid crystal form in the joint. This condition leads to gout, a painful situation that makes it difficult to walk and carry out activities. If uric acids continue to increase, gout problem worsens and the crystals form like hard stones around the joints.Diagnosis of increased levels of uric acid and goutIn case, one experiences pain and suspects symptoms of uric acid, the diagnosis will include several tests.Joint fluid test - This test involves the doctor piercing a needle into the joint to draw fluid from the affected joint. The fluid is examined under a microscope to show traces of urate crystals.Blood test - A blood test is an essential test as it indicates the level of uric aciRead More

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Medical treatment for head lice

Head lice can be treated with home remedies, but if that doesn't work in your favor, you can adopt medication for it and get rid of the lice. There are a set of medical products that are ideal for treatment of head lice. Having lice in your hair or your child's hair can be a painful affair; the lice also spread very easily as they live in clothing and the hair. Most of the over-the-counter products include shampoos, lotions, and crme's that are applied and then washed off. If the going gets too hard, your doctor might also prescribe tablets for the effective treatment of head lice.Let us first look at over-the-counter medication for treatment of head lice. Permethrin crme rinse: Permethrin crme rinse like Nix can help you with an effective treatment for your head lice. It is usually the first standard medication your pharmacist will offer you with. This crme has the potency to kill lice and eggs for two or more weeks after it has been washed off from your scalp. Apply the crme, let is stay for an hour or more and wash your hair with water. You could also see the product for perfect directions of use. Shampoos: You can choose from a wide range of shampoos containing pyrethrin and piRead More

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Best medications for cold

A cold can be a nuisance. Colds aren't fatal but the constant sneezing, watering from the nose and body aches can drain you out. Colds are typically caused by virus infections and hence most antibiotics are not the best medication for a cold. However, there are some types of medication that can help treat specific symptoms of a cold.NSAIDS or Nonsteroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs: This type of medication fights inflammation and can be sued to treat sore throats, headaches and body aches that accompanies a cold. It also has the ability to reduce a fever. Common NSAIDS shoudl not be taken without a doctors consult or prescription. However, do not take NSAIDS if you are on any form of blood thinning medication or suffer from gastric ulcers.Antihistamines: Antihistamines can help fight allergies and symptoms related to them like a running nose, persistent sneezing and watery eyes. There are many different kinds of antihistamines available today. One of the side effects of most antihistamines is that it will make you feel drowsy.Decongestants: This medication can help clear a stuffy nose. Decongestants are usually not available over the counter and you will need to get a prescription forRead More

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Lift chairs and medical recuperation

With the advent of modern furniture design and trend-setting products in the market, it is not difficult to comprehend and connect a fine piece of furniture to multiple uses which result in maximum sales of the product and which also provides ease of access for individuals who need such products.Lift chairs or more commonly known as lift recliners or simply recliners have been a favorite accessory in the furniture section since their inception in the 1960s. Yes, little does one know that a piece of what we call modern furniture began the journey of its evolution when our parents were young and growing up. Having been in the market for more than half a century, it continues its existence despite the vast change in trend, demand, and choice. Today if someone happens to shop for such a piece of furniture, they will find themselves utterly spoilt for choice.In the past decade or so, lift chairs have found their way across people's living rooms to hospital chambers where patients lay under observation recuperating from whatever ailment they were suffering from. A recliner soon became a necessary equipment in the process of a patient recovering from the health trauma they had endured. SuRead More

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Organise Medical Records

How to keep your medical records organizedHaving papers strewn around you can be an overwhelming thing indeed. And medical records can get even more overwhelming because one is never sure which ones are to be kept, and which ones aren't. It is a wise to keep all your medical records on hand as it will be helpful for you in the long run. The trick is to organize these papers well so that you can easily access the exact report required, at any given time. Here are a few tips that will help you keep your medical records well organized:Create a Directory: When you are dealing with medical records for the entire family, you will benefit with the use of a directory. Create this directory and then allot a folder for each member of the family so that you can easily access the records of one particular member.Divide and Conquer: Segregate the information into seasonal allergies, chronic conditions, medication list, one time diseases like jaundice or chicken pox, vaccinations for children, and other such heads. This will help you put the correct report in the correct slot, instead of hunting through a pile of papers when you need one particular report.Labels: When you are dividing and filingRead More