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Benefits of using a fitness tracker to track your fitness

Fitness and activity trackers have become quite popular, thanks to the increasing number of people choosing to keep a close watch on their fitness goals and progress. Wearers can track important information like steps taken, sleep, heart rate, calorie intake, pace, and distance traveled, etc. Though some consider them as a needless investment, a fitness tracker offers more than a few benefits for those who already work out regularly or are planning to start working out religiously.Offers personal accountabilityFace it! Deciding to work out daily is one thing, but sticking to the regimen and goals is a whole other ball game. For those who are about to start working out, even a little bit of encouragement goes a long way. In this regard, your fitness tracker acts like your very own personal motivator. It encourages you to compete with yourself, urging you to run a little more distance than the day before, to take a few more steps every day, and to sustain a peak heart rate for just a little longer every day. Studies have proven that wearing a fitness tracker has been so psychologically rewarding for individuals that it helped increase their fitness levels by at least 30%.Does all theRead More

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Fitness trends that are here to stay

Fitness is an ever evolving industry where trends tend to change rapidly. In the recent years, we witnessed the emergence of several trends that took fitness freaks around the world by a storm. However, only few of them were good enough to survive and be relevant to fitness enthusiasts presently and in the coming future. A list of fitness trends that are here to stay finds mention below.Strength trainingGone are the days when many individuals, especially women, used to avoid strength training. With increased awareness regarding the benefits including boosting longevity, protection against diabetes, back pain, building muscle mass, and more that strength training offers, a growing number of people now rely on it to stay healthy and fit. In addition to this, the major reason responsible for strength training's popularity is that women have now realized that lifting total gym weights does not necessarily makes them bulky. Rather, it is a great way to burn fat and boost metabolism.Well-informed and seasoned fitness professionalsReaching individual fitness goals becomes much easier when you workout under the supervision and guidance of an educated and experienced professional. In recentRead More

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Best ways to stay fit in college

Acquiring a collegiate education is essential these days. For some, these are the best years of one's life, for new friends are plenty and social life is exciting. For others, the burden of academics and also managing finances may prove to be a source of stress. In any case, many youngsters tend to dismiss the need for healthy eating and lifestyle practices when in college. There is little, if any awareness of the importance of consuming a balanced diet, creating time for exercise and getting adequate sleep. As a result, many youngsters fall ill or have compromised immunity.Here are a few suggestions for staying fit in college:Try to prioritize to the extent possible the consumption of healthy carbs that are rich in fiber. While many students do depend on the college cafeteria for their meals, it is advisable to follow some degree of portion control especially when it comes to the consumption of empty calories. Responsible eating and drinking habits are vital.Try to budget for at least one fruit a day, even if this is not provided on the college menu. A small serving of dried fruits and nuts can also help to give much-needed vitamins.While studying per se involves a lot of intellecRead More

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Pursue fitness with Under Armour coupons

Under Armour is a T-shirt brand that enhances the performance of athletes. The brand was launched by a University of Maryland football player, Kevin Plank, who realized that the athletes should wear gear that keeps them dry rather than make them perspire.During the cold season, athletes can wear ColdGear and when it is hot, HotGear works best for them. In between the two extremes, athletes can wear 'AllSeasonGear' to practice, perform and perfect themselves.The company was launched in 1996 when Plank, a former captain of the University of Maryland specials team, realized that it was quite bothersome to keep on changing sweat-soaked football jerseys. He researched extensively on the subject of football gear and later on came up with the first HeatGear T-shirt that was made up of moisture-wicking performance fibers. From thereon, there was no looking back and a few months later, Kevin developed ColdGear T-shirts that enhanced the performance of the athletes during the cold months. Today, Kevin runs his company, Under Armour, from Baltimore, Maryland.There are several Under Armour Coupons on Groupon that you can use to get amazing discounts and other offers while making purchases fromRead More

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Best Exercises for Seniors to Stay Fit

Seniors fight with a number of problems, which in turn affects their strength and stability. Medical conditions such as Alzheimers disease, multiple sclerosis, arthritis, or heart condition can have an adverse effect on their body strength.To improve body balance and coordination, exercises are essential. Here are some of the exercises for seniors that should be practiced to stay fit.Single Limb Stance This is the simplest exercise for seniors that involves holding onto a chair and balancing on one leg. This helps to develop the core stability by maintaining the center of gravity in the ankles. Perform this exercise for a few seconds, balancing alternately on each foot. Once comfortable doing it for a minute, hold the chair with a single hand, followed by a single finger and finally, letting go of the chair completely.Walking Heel to Toe Position one heel exactly in front of the toes of the other foot. Focus on something ahead of you to stay steady as you walk. Take a step forward by placing the other heel in front of the toes. Take 20 steps in this manner.Balance Walk Raise your arms to the shoulder height sideways. Now walk in a B-line, with one foot ahead of the other. As you wRead More