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Welcome to Peter Gilhams Nutrition Center, one of the most popular vitamin and health food stores in Hollywood, and an absolute Mecca for natural health products and information in Los Angeles. At Peter Gillhams, we specialize in vitamins and supplements, health food and body care products, and our customers are most interested in building health, personal fitness, and a sense of well-being.Whether you are looking for vitamins to foster physical health, supplements to build the body, or aids to attaining an energetic and productive you in later years, Peter Gillhams is the place for you. We carry the entire Peter Gillham nutritional line, including the marvelous "Calm" family of calcium and magnesium products, as well as Herbs that Work, Natural Plus, Solaray, Source Naturals, and Dr. Schultz, and in addition we carry a wide range of books on diet, health food and alternative health care. We are proud to excel at obtaining and making available to you the very highest quality of natural, and not in any way synthetic products. We carry absolutely nothing made pharmaceutically or synthesized or adulterated in the laboratory, as attempts to vary nature by definition only denature it, which is to say take away its naturalness, the very quality that imparts health to you. And so we insist upon supplying you with only the very best forms of the wonderful health-giving substances that Nature herself makes.So, if you are looking for the very best and most effective in nutrition, in body building supplements, in herbs and naturals that support vibrance and longevity - or if you are looking for the best and most sustainable in slimming diets, the best and most workable in exercising and body building routines, the best and most soothing in aids to sleep, or even the best and most practical in routes to harmony in life itself – the most natural and effective of all of these things to be found anywhere - can be found at Peter Gillhams Nutritional Center. Gillhams is the place to come – we have the answers – probably many of the ones you have been looking for. We are conveniently located nearby to - though since our focus in completely natural, and we most assuredly have nothing to do with anything medical – Kaiser Permanente and Queen of Angels Hospitals.  We are just 1 block south of Sunset Boulevard, and 4 blocks east of Vermont Avenue in Hollywood California 90029. We are the best of the best, and most certainly are the natural place to come to - so come see us soon!


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