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Common types of AC repair problems

Summers are a lot of fun when you don’t have to worry about the heat. The pool parties, the beach trips, and the weekend picnics are exhilarating. However, the heat can be quite overwhelming to bear, especially if you don’t have a functional air conditioning system in the house. To help you, here are some things that could go wrong with it because of continuous usage.

Condenser unit air conditioning repair
The condenser unit of an air conditioner is the one that is usually kept outside of the unit. It encloses a closed circuit that controls the refrigerant and modifies the pressure with which it is pumped back and forth between the condenser and the furnace. An easy way to determine whether the condenser is functional or not is checking if your unit is not cooling the room as it usually does. If the air coming through the vents is of room temperature or if the air conditioner does not turn on, it needs a repair.

Refrigerant leaks
One of the most common problems faced by owners of air conditioners is refrigerant leaks. This problem can be quite complicated to manage and isolate, as it can be quite difficult to find the refrigerant leak. In such a situation, it is important to call in an expert who can assess the situation well and repair your unit efficiently.

Air duct air conditioning repair
A poor air duct is a common but serious issue that may arise in your domestic air conditioning system. A faulty air duct could lead to inefficient cooling, elevated levels of energy being utilized by the unit, as well as generate poor air quality. If you suspect that your air conditioner may have a faulty air duct or a leak in the system, it is important to get that checked as soon as possible. This is because it is a serious problem that may require you to replace your entire unit altogether.

Fan problems
Fan problems arise when one or both of the two fans in your air conditioner unit start malfunctioning. The two fans include an evaporator fan, also known as a blower, and a condenser fan. The condenser fan is responsible for removing the heat from your unit, and the blower pushes cool air into your ducts. The condenser fan is known to cause a lot of problems due to loose or bent blades, motor problems, or belt issues.

Furnace air conditioning repair
The furnace in an air conditioning system is an essential component that helps in the heating as well as cooling of your house. It is the central powerhouse of the unit and involves a lot of intricate components that work together to provide adequate cooling to your house. When your furnace is faulty, you may experience unusual noises or odors from the unit. It may also result in a fault heat exchanger that may lead to the development of icicles on the evaporator coils. Dirty air filters may sometimes also lead to a stalled motor or fan and cause damage to the furnace. If you start hearing any unusual noise from the air conditioner or notice an unusual smell, it is important to get the unit checked by an HVAC expert.

Compressor issues
The compressor in your air conditioner is responsible for compressing the refrigerant fluid and emitting cool air into your household. Common types of AC repair problemsThis is the most important part of your HVAC unit that is prone to face a lot of problems because of the amount of work it does. Motor issues and electrical issues are the most common and can be dealt with quite easily with the help of a technician. If your problem is more complex, you should get it checked by a specialist that deals with air HVAC compressors.

So if you encounter any of these problems, then ensure that you call an expert. Trying to fix it yourself can cause further problems and increase the repair cost. Also, to avoid all these issues, ensure that you carry out periodic maintenance and servicing.

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